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These Were NOT My Vows

Our marriage ceremony was simple and traditional. Except for a little glitch which resulted in me forgetting to say, “for richer, for poorer,” we made all the usual promises to each other. (Thankfully that richer, poorer thing has never been an issue.) And I’m incredibly blessed to be able to say that we’ve kept our promises almost thirty-nine years now. But lately I’ve been rethinking our vows – not out of doubt or want, but because of the growing realization that there has been so much more; beyond love, honor, and faithfulness. So...these are some of the things I’ve thought about – things we’ve done with and for each other, which maybe could have been part of our wedding ceremony. I WILL LISTEN TO YOU I have listened to you preaching for over thirty years. You say I could preach some of your sermons myself, but I doubt it. Those words have your heart behind them. I’ve listened to your talks with your brothers and cousin, and my siblings. I’ve heard you faithfully talk with your mother,…