Friday, March 21, 2014

From the beginning...

I began writing my books before computers were commonplace.  I'd get a new notebook, keep it handy and write when I could - between diapers and dishes, or before work, or when Russell was at a meeting. Writing it out gave me the physical sensation of getting the words on paper. I still enjoy that process.  I'm not practicing an economy of scale, says Peter - using his business education to try to convince me of the proper way. I like doing it this way, I tell him.  It feels right.  When I began Waiting for Wren, I had this lovely plaid composition book. Even though I had a laptop at that point, this is where it began.

This is the notebook in which I began writing Waiting for Wren.
From the beginning that was what I wanted to call it.

The final product! 

Christmas 2018

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