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You Be Okay

He placed his chubby hand on my chest, looked into my eyes and spoke gravely. "You be okay. You be okay." Owen, my three year old grandson, was pretending to pierce my ears with his Nerf dart gun. I was pretending to be nervous. So, he soothed me in a way that he obviously has been soothed.

His momma rocks him and holds him when he's hurt, upset, or afraid. She knows that his boo boos will heal and that his frustrations will pass. She realizes that his fears really won't harm him, (barking dogs, moving curtains) and that he can sleep in peace. So she tells him, even if he can't see it yet, that he'll be okay.

Sometimes I still feel like a kid. I am irrational, fearful and nervous. I know that life is unfair. I've seen it countless times. Yet I still expect fairness, and feel the sting when I'm disappointed.

I know that hurting happens. People get hurt, loved ones are lost. Grief must be endured. Yet I still reverberate with shock and surprise at the pain…

The Only Thing That Counts

It only took about two years for me to finish the nine-week Bible study, "Believing God" by Beth Moore. I actually started it over five years ago, took a hiatus for a while, then began again. I found it helpful and appropriate five years ago, in very different circumstances, and now in changed circumstances and environment, it is still helpful and appropriate. The challenge then and now is to live the faith I claim.

If you've gone through this study, you probably remember the five points on which the study is based. If you haven't, here they are:
     ~God is who he says he is.
     ~God can do what he says he can do.
     ~I am who God says I am.
     ~I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.
     ~God's word is alive and active in me.1

Faith is easy to talk about - harder to practice. Hebrews 11:1 says, "Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see." The point about faith is the "not seeing" part.…

These Were NOT My Vows

Our marriage ceremony was simple and traditional. Except for a little glitch which resulted in me forgetting to say, “for richer, for poorer,” we made all the usual promises to each other. (Thankfully that richer, poorer thing has never been an issue.) And I’m incredibly blessed to be able to say that we’ve kept our promises almost thirty-nine years now. But lately I’ve been rethinking our vows – not out of doubt or want, but because of the growing realization that there has been so much more; beyond love, honor, and faithfulness. So...these are some of the things I’ve thought about – things we’ve done with and for each other, which maybe could have been part of our wedding ceremony. I WILL LISTEN TO YOU I have listened to you preaching for over thirty years. You say I could preach some of your sermons myself, but I doubt it. Those words have your heart behind them. I’ve listened to your talks with your brothers and cousin, and my siblings. I’ve heard you faithfully talk with your mother,…

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